CM, IF & EJ Courses are Accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi for 3 Years w.e.f. 8-11-2013.


The seed of our Alumni Association was planted in a series of meetings of SAKP Alumni begining 2004. Informal meetings progressed to establishment of contact with the Management, Administration, Staff and finally led to the formal inauguration of Alumni Association in June 2004 with conduct of AGM of ex-students for the preparation of bye laws of SAKPAA. The objectives for which the association is established are:

  1. To secure an intimate contact amongst the Alumni past & present students and the staff.
  2. To promote and support educational activities and programmes for the benefit of the alumni past and presnt students.
  3. To assist the alumni past and present students and the institution in training and placement of students.
  4. To assist the needy and deserving students by financing their studies by way of grants and scholarships.
  5. To institute awards for deserving students to the Polytechnic for their performance in academics and sports.

Today SAKPAA has 1850 life members and is still growing!

Alumni registration form is coming soon. In the meanwhile you can register here and rest assured we'll get in touch with you as soon as the feature is enabled